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Headline News from Liberia

Written by Mrs. Minita Kollie Moniba   
Wednesday, 24 November 2010 16:03

We, the family of the late former Vice President of Liberia, Dr. Harry F. Moniba, are observing a quiet remembrance of him on the sixth anniversary of his passing. His death in a two-car accident, November 24, 2004, in Michigan occurred while he was preparing to offer his experienced leadership to the Liberian people. He may not have driven his putting “Liberia First” campaign to completion, but he had a clear vision and tirelessly articulated it.

In life, Dr. Moniba wanted to provide a leadership that was selfless, inclusive, and exemplary. He cared about Liberia and had a passion for putting national interest above self. He was unwavering in his commitment to peace and respect for rule of law – a commitment which his few critics took for weakness.

But, many supporters and admirers of the former Vice President saw his non-violent stance as strength. They believed that his dedication to a peaceful change was a major stabilizing factor in the successful creation of the multi-party system which today forms the basis for violence-free competitive elections even in post-war Liberia.

In his home going, he did not only leave behind a lasting memory of a loving husband, father, grandfather, and brother, he also left a legacy of national leadership with honesty and integrity which is to be admired and emulated. Part of his ever lasting legacy will be the shining example he set for his fellow citizens in that hard work, dedication and love for a country will drive a man to do great things, and, thus, a nation to do great things.

As we quietly remember him today as a family man and statesman, I want to ask that you join us in keeping his leadership vision alive in the years ahead (particularly in the coming national elections) by working to make our great country of Liberia a place where democracy, freedom of speech and the liberty of its citizens exists for the greater good of all Liberians.

Have a safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Mrs. Minita Kollie Moniba
The Widow on behalf of the Family

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