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Headline News from Liberia

LIMAUK (Liberian Mandingo Association in the UK) gets awarded with certificate of recognition by the Liberian embassy in the UK. | Print |  E-mail
Written by LIMAUK Pres   
Monday, 08 April 2013 17:08

The Liberian Mandingo Association in the UK, has been honoured by the Liberian Ambassador In the UK his Excellency, Honourable Wisely Momo Johnson.

The certificate of recognition and appreciation for mutual understanding and up holding peace within the Liberian community was received by the President of Limauk, Mr. Samouka Dore at the inaugural ceremony of the officers of ULOUK (The United Liberian Organisation in the UK) on the 30th of March 2013.

This award undoubtedly demonstrates that the strategy formulated by this administration to engage with other Liberian communities in the UK, is working.

The strategy is pedestal on total representation and participation of the Limauk in all events, both within the Liberian and the wider African communities.  It enables us to represent and participate in every Liberian and African’s activities, events and meetings regardless of the distance. We have established confidence in our representatives around the country, who are key people implementing this strategy, as an event comes up, we link up with them and then they represent their community.

This strategy has two key learning curves, which I believe is very important to both the individual representatives and the community:
The individuals will be empowered with networking and presentation skills, because they may be asked to say something about their community or organisation.

•    The benefit to the community is that it creates awareness to the wider community of who we are and what we do as community. 

The strategy of engagement even goes beyond that, because it creates an environment where exchange of ideas and access to information on building sustainable project in our home country.

In 2012 the African royal society organised a funding conference where our social committee chair attended and his feedback was unbelievable in terms of learning involved in those meetings and conferences.

We will continue on this path of having strong link with our Africa brothers mainly the African royal society, the African Diaspora forum, the London Manden group, and most importantly other Liberian community groups in the UK.

Meanwhile other Liberian community groups were honoured as well by the Ambassador